Infusion day

I’m coming to you live from the infusion room at Texas Oncology. Today is treatment day.  My third round of AC (Adriamycin and Cytoxan).  I normally come on Thursdays, but since the bad days don’t seem to hit me until about 4-5 days in, I figure moving my treatment date up will put the bad days closer to the weekend.  That way I’m not missing work if I don’t have to.

Bloodwork has come back and I appear to be doing fabulous on all counts, and with little to no side effects to boot.  Sure, I’m definitely having my bad days with nausea, fatigue and just feeling totally crappy, but all and all I’m rockin’ this chemo train–ain’t no thang! ;-)

I usually put this lidocaine cream on my port site before coming to treatment but it doesn’t help much because they always have to dig into my chest to find the port, which is attached to the muscle and can be super sore once they’re done.  I mentioned to the nurse this morning that the saline flush feels a bit like a rush of morphine running through my vein.  It’s a nice feeling. :-)

Nurse Suzie is now injecting me with the “red devil” (Adriamycin).  See pics below.  My hands are shaking a bit but I think it’s the coffee, which I haven’t drank in days, maybe even weeks.

Side note:  Nurse Suzie rocks!  They all do here at TxOnc!  Good place to come if you ever join the “big C collective.”  Also, every now and then they have massage therapists come and give you feet or hand massages during treatment, which is a nice touch and free to patients through donations.  Somehow it was timed perfectly that I got a foot massage while getting my first dose of Adriamycin.  That was sweet!




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