Kinesis, Bosu Ball and Mustard Gas

Did a serious workout in the cancer survivors’ class at the Y last night.  Focused on the Kinesis machines and did a short workout afterward with the Bosu ball.  That takes some practice for sure!  I really like the Kinesis machine.  You can get great workout on both.

It’s great to be able to do these workouts with other women survivors.  There’s a lot of camaraderie, good advice and support to go around.  Although I seem to be the only one doing the class through chemo.  The others finished their treatments and have commented on how brave I am to do the 3-month fitness program while actually going through chemo.  Guess we will see how tough I truly am when it gets closer to the finish line, because this is certainly a marathon and not a sprint!

One of the women in my class who had the same type breast cancer as me and a similar situation, but no mutation, stated to me that one of the chemo drugs I’m on, Cytoxan, is derived from mustard gas (I just looked it up and it’s true).  Freakin’ lovely!


4 thoughts on “Kinesis, Bosu Ball and Mustard Gas

  1. You can do tons of cool stuff on the Kinesis machine. Great for strength and balance. And sweating, which apparently is good for washing away the crap from Chemo. Rock on Jo!

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