Waking Up from the Dead Life

The Unlived Life:  Most of us are living one life and have an unlived life within us.  It is resistance (aka Fear) keeping you from your unlived life.  – Msg learned from Super Soul Sunday with Oprah and Steven Pressfeild (author of The War of Art).

It’s weird, when you start to wake up from your dead life–The clarity that comes.  Nothing happens all at once, but little by little you just start to get it.  You start to see how dead you’ve been all along.  I have a lot of work to do, a lot of “making up” to do for myself, if that makes any sense.  No more living the dead life.   For clarity, a dead life is an undesired life you may have fallen into because of fear and/or obligation.  A life that really has nothing to do with who you really are and your true purpose on this Earth.  In any regard, I’m in a dead life and I chose to be stuck here for a long, long time–too long, way too long!   No more–It’s time to wake up!

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