Girls Night Out!

Last night my girlfriends of 20+ years, Jenni, Beth and Kim (who I’ve known since high school), and I “partied like rock stars” at the New Order show.  Afterward we met up with other friends and bar hopped until close.  Didn’t get home until 4:00am.  So glad to be feeling good!  Danced, sweated and laughed our asses off!  I think any residule chemo from this round got sweated out of me.  It’s been a while since we did that. Was starting to feel like an old fart!  Had a blast!  Love you girls!!!

1011979_10200751888014442_1667054648_n  IMG_1328

5 thoughts on “Girls Night Out!

  1. The sweating and dancing was my favorite part! I’m so glad the four of us made this happen. Awesome Girls’ Night Out!

    • Yes, that was so much fun!!!! Thank you so much for treating me, Kim, and to all of you for continually picking up the bar and taxi tabs! I have to say that was a nice treat as this cancer crap is expensive!!! I owe you all! We must do it again very soon!!!!

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