My doctor’s office has concluded I have a skin infection on my breast.  The nurse initially stated it sounded like a reaction to the Taxol and that they’d likely have to place me back on steroids–Something I don’t want to do.  They’ve decided to place me on antibiotics for 10 days to see if it clears.  Sara, the nurse practitioner, said to me, “tell your body to stop making complications for us.”  I said “I’ll try, but I don’t think it’s listening to me.” ;-)

2 thoughts on “Infection

  1. Omgosh girl! You have really been through it. I just caught up back to 9/11. Still cannot figure out the dates – ha! But this latest infection sounds recent. And the blood clot / thinner. You are doing an amazing job… Figuring it all out, following thru and hanging in there! you are very inspiring and you write so beautifully. I wish you had something else to write about, but this is good for you, theraputic. Each victory in your treatment, no matter how small (or big) IS a victory! and WTG on the 12 lb weight loss!!

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