So it’s Thursday and I’m back at chemo treatment.  The infusion room is pretty packed today.  They checked my Coumadin level and it’s still lower than they’d like it to be so I have to continue the shots and up the pills.  Bummer!  I appear to be having a severe psoriasis attack on the back of my hands–my body reacting angerly to the Taxol.  It looks so awful! :'(

The good news is no severe chills or hot flashes.  Maybe they were side effects of the steroids, which they’ve tappered me off of now.

A number of people finished their chemo today.  There’s a bell hanging on the wall at the front of the infusion room.  When you’re done with all you’re chemo treatments you ring the bell and everyone claps and cheers.  Quite a few rung the bell today.  Yay!  You go my fellow C-bravin’ peeps!  Hope you all keep rockin’ on cancer-free!

They had a party for one woman and were passing out cupcakes.  Mine had Big Bird on it with the message, “pluck you cancer.”  I just had to take a picture!


The icing didn’t initially look like that.  It was all swirly like on most cupcakes, but I started in on it first with my fingers taking a tiny bit at a time.  Now it kinda looks like Big Bird standing on a huge mountain (okay, not so huge, but Big Bird is a big bird) with his “pluck you cancer” flag planted firmly in the ground.  Any minute now he’ll also belt out, “VIVA LA VIDA VICTORIOUS!”  Well, you know, Big Bird is also bilingual.

The cupcake was good too. ;-)

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