Lots goin’ on

I think I recently wrote about the upcoming ultrasound on my left breast.  I’ve had that, and they also did a mammogram on what little remaining tissue existed to squeeze into the mammo machine.  The radiologist’s findings were that one of the lumps felt appeared to be an oily cyst, similar to a pimple.  The more prominent lump appears to be necrotic fatty tissue.  The nurse who gave me the results stated these lumps should eventually be reabsorbed by the body.  They’ve scheduled for me to have a follow up ultrasound in six months.

Also, I’ve never posted here, but the past two years I worked for a ‘horror of a human being’ type boss.  One that threw me under the bus during chemo because “I was out too much for cancer treatment.”  This is something she told me directly.  I endured her crass, shallow and uncaring behavior time and time again.  I finally had, had enough after my father died, and sought out a new job.  I started my new job yesterday and am so, so excited about it!  More pay, my own office, better hours and less stress!

To top it all off, I had an article/blog post published on tinybuddha.com today.  Here’s the link:  http://tinybuddha.com/blog/life-gets-hard-keep-moving-forward-one-step-time/

Things are looking up!  Now I just need to get my workout going and get back to a good eating plan and start really losing this excess weight.  At least I’ve turned the corner and started a new chapter!  So long, old chapter – you taught me a lot but I need to keep moving forward!

One thought on “Lots goin’ on

  1. Hi Jojo! I’m so glad this blog is up again. I remember reading your article on tinybuddha one stressful evening looking for some motivation to keep going during tough times, and then happy to see your blog! I left a comment but the next day the blog wasn’t accessible and it made me feel worried. I thought maybe my comment sparked a bug or something? I only managed to read a few posts that night and not the earlier parts. It’s great to see you facing your challenges so bravely and you are an inspiration :) Onwards and upwards. Looking forward to your book and new updates! Thanks for writing that wonderful article. It helped me a lot.
    Love, Aurora

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