Screening update

With every focus on my father recently, I never posted an update regarding my last visit to my breast surgeon, in which she requested a follow up visit because she was concerned about several lumps in my left breast area.  I went back for that follow up and she re-examined and then she said she felt comfortable that it was likely scar tissue from surgery.  She wants to follow up with me again in six months.  That was a good thing, I think.  I recently also visited my oncologist, who agreed with my BSs assessment.  She also ordered for me to undergo another CT of my chest and abdomen as well as a trans-vaginal ultrasound.  All in line with conservative, follow up screening for my “unique” case history.  Cheers to me I guess!  Please wish me luck and good fortune–That I will receive only good results!  My CT and ultrasound are scheduled for December 29, 2014.

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