Always Wait to Worry

I had a follow appt with my breast surgeon today.  She noticed two small lumps/nodules near the scar tissue on my left side that she wants to reassess in 6 weeks to 2 months.  She figures it’s related to the scarring and/or my drain site and said since it’s where my left breast tissue used to be, she is less worried than if it were in my right (as that’s where the cancer was).  It makes sense as due to the amount of nymph nodes she took from my left breast, it had a harder time draining than the right.  In any event, I messaged close friends it’s a little unsettling in the news dept., but no worries unless there’s actually something to worry about.  I have to remind myself the docs never take chances with us mutant girls.  Better to be on the safe side of things. ;)

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