Here’s What I’m Grateful for Today

  • Severe thunderstorms – Who can resist the awesomeness of severe weather–The thunder and lightning, the extreme wind and rain.  It’s humbling to know nature can so easily take us out.  And it’s just totally beautiful! 
  • Thunder and Lightning – Obviously the thunder and lightning are the best part of any thunderstorm.  The symphony of lights and sounds are simply amazing.  Nature puts on a spectacular show!
  • Shelter – It’s also nice to be inside, in a dry place, during such a show.
  • Severe weather alerts – Nice to live in a time in which the national weather service can alert you immediately through text via your cell phone of approaching tornados and other severe weather.  That’s an awesome use of technology!
  • Flashlight app on cell phone – How handy I find this feature to be since I’m always at a loss to find a working flashlight in my house.
  • Candles – Marvelous, if not ancient invention.  Now days we mostly just use candles for ambiance, but what a simple and effective solution in the absence of electricity or battery powered devices.
  • Matches – Always come in handy.  This is one thing no survival kit should be without.
  • Google lookup on cell phone – When I lost electricity during the storm, I was curious to know just how long my refrigerator would keep my fresh produce and Greek yogurt; so, right then I looked it up on my phone–a whole library of information.  Wow, super cool to have such technology, and something we SO easily take for granted.
  • Great neighbors – I have some of the best neighbors in the world!  The kind that check on me when I’m sick, mow my lawn for me without me even knowing and ask if I need anything during a thunderstorm when they too are without.
  • Ability to text with neighbors – Nice feature to have the ability without going out in the storm to find out information that’s happening around your immediate area when things go awry.
  • Having a smart phone during severe weather – Need I say more than I’ve just stated above?
  • Electricity – Well, I think we all can agree this is certainly something most of us take for granted daily, until we’re without it.
  • Being without electricity – Keeps us humbled to the fact we modern humans can’t live without it.
  • A beautiful day after the storm – Doesn’t a beautiful, sunny day just seem more enchanting after severe weather?  You appreciate it a bit more!

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