My new kick-butt trainer

I just had my first consultation for a customized nutritional and fitness program with my new personal trainer, Jackie, at the gym in the building where I work.  It’ll be tough, but I’m now willing to do the work and for sure know right now I need structure and accountability.  I’m excited that she’s going to give me that.  It sounds like she’ll be super tough, and she’ll be working closely with my medical team to ensure we are all on the same track.  She already said several times that she won’t ever sugar-coat things, which I don’t even like my doctors to do.  I’ve always told them to give it to me straight, and they do.

This is good and I’m ready for this change!  I know it will be hard, but I feel ready–it’s time!   And I just want someone to say, “eat this” and “do that.”  I don’t want to have to think about it–just do it!  No more back and forth, on and off, good food and bad food.  Time for clean living and fitness, period!

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