Kicked off the horse of good vibes!

The last couple days I’ve felt completely knocked off the horse of positive vibes.  Like I’ve been punched in the gut and lying face down in the dirt.  Couldn’t seem to stop the waterworks yesterday.  Honestly, if we didn’t have these times of feeling completely shattered, we just wouldn’t be normal or human.  No one can stay on the the high wire of feeling positive and in control all the time.  Most often not!  Especially with all this crap!!!!!!!!  Can’t say that enough!  Honestly, I think I’ve been doing really well compared to most.  You’re gonna lose your balance and fall at least some of the time, maybe even a lot of the time.  The trick is getting up, dusting yourself off and getting back on that high wire.  Some days are tougher than others, for sure!

I’ve been doing semi-good with my raw foods boot camp.  We’re at the 10 day mark.  Toughest part, or what I have not been doing well at, is the workbook/homework.  Totally lacking in this area.  What I have been doing well at is eating tons of organic, yummy greens, a huge variety of colorful veggies and fruits, and I’ve been juicing or drinking green smoothies nearly every day and sometimes twice a day.  I’ve not yet followed the good nutrition with lots of exercise, and haven’t cut the sweets entirely, but this is much improved.  It’s a good start!  And it appears I’ve lost 3 lbs so far.  It’s at least something but I do need to seriously step up my game!


2 thoughts on “Kicked off the horse of good vibes!

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