Raw Foods Boot Camp Started Yesterday – Yay!

Well, I’ve started the ‘Raw Foods on a Budget Boot Camp.’  We had our first group support call last night and I have to say I’m so excited as the instructor has such an amazing wealth of knowledge on the subject matter.  You can learn more about her books and the program here (click on the images below to be taken to the web site page):

Raw foods on a budget homepage        Brandi Rollins

I have loaded my fridge and pantry with tons of raw food ingredients and started fresh this morning with a green smoothie and made a basic salad for lunch.  I’m not totally going raw foods right off the bat.  Even the instructor, Brandi, stated you should incorporate your raw foods slowly, as you want it to be a lifestyle change.  If I can get to about 70-80% raw food, I will be happy!  I believe in taking what you can from a variety of food programs/diets/sources and then making a customized program that fits you.  I may decide to become entirely a raw foodie at some point, but not right away.  Going too extreme with any one diet/food program just doesn’t work for me.  My goal at present is just in learning to become super healthy and use my diet to my benefit instead of my detriment. 


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