Yummy Produce,YES!!!

Headed to Trader Joe’s today to get more greens, fruits and veggies.  Yay!  I’m excited to start a daily juicing routine again and experiment with different kinds of yummy greens and other ingredients in my blender, and also learning to “not” cook/prepare raw foods in the 28-day raw foods on a budget bootcamp coming up soon.

veggie pyramid

I scheduled to meet with the physical therapist in a couple weeks and will meet with another patient navigator that works with young survivors from Seton on additional resources I can utilize, even aside from diet and fitness.

We have a 3-day weekend to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday–Dr. King, YES!!!  I thought maybe I’d make a dent in outlining and starting to write initial draft chapters for my book.  Good plan!

I’m also thinking of entering the BCRC’s 2014 Art Bra Austin runway show, as an artist, not a model (although they need entries for those as well).  Maybe I’ll get some of my other girlfriends involved.  Yes, another good plan!  I’m full of them today. ;-)


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