Another battle won

pinkbraWell, I’ve survived M-day!  I honestly thought I’d be an emotional wreck, completely devastated, but a funny thing happened when I woke up from surgery.  I was crackin’ jokes and in good spirits.  I have cried a bit, as I think there’s no way around that.  It is a loss and you have to mourn.

I wore my hot pink, push up bra to my mastectomy surgery, which seemed most appropriate.  Other than that I strived for comfort.

I’m still really groggy, pain meds and all.  I told myself I’m never gonna look at my chest again, but then I catch myself sneakin’ a peek.  I can do this!

I can tell you one thing, if you’re ever in need of mastectomies and in the Austin area, St. David’s HealthCare off Red River and 30th is the place to go.  Best hospital I’ve been to and I’ve been to a few.  The nurses are all excellent, the food is restaurant worthy–really good and you kinda feel like you’re at a resort.  My favorite thing is this awesome water bottle/cup they give you.  I’ll be using this sucker like crazy!  Love it!!!  Ah, the things we can be amused by.


One thought on “Another battle won

  1. I’m so glad your surgery and hospital stay went well. Miles was born at that St. David’s, and they took good care of us, too. I’m happy to get this update, and I look forward to seeing you this weekend! Congrats on successfully seeing yourself through this part of the process :) And now onto better days!

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