December 5th

I drove to San Antonio yesterday and met with the plastic surgeon, Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo at PRMA Plastic Surgery, regarding my reconstruction options with respect to the DIEP procedure under a delayed recon scenario.  I’m still not fully decided on the method I want but I will have time to think on that later.  The consultation went far better than I anticipated.  I was dreading it at first since things weren’t improved for me from my last visit with him, but from the start he was very understanding and compassionate and added I’ve been through quite a lot the past few years and I needed to give myself a break.  He felt I was making the right decision, stating that I was being very logical about it all and that if I were his wife, he’d tell me to do the same thing.

He first stated that reconstructively, particularly with flap procedures, they have no problem working with radiated skin.  However, the benefits of going ahead with the mastectomies and delaying reconstruction, even with more scarring, far outweigh having radiation, simply due to potential, long-term health effects that can be caused by radiation.  He was also very pleased to hear my breast surgeon is breast conservative and reconstructive-friendly and the method she plans to use sounds like a very good one.  The one downside being the fact that I’d have to mentally prepare myself to live in this state for a period of time, which will take some considerable mental and emotional strength, but with a continued understanding that it is just a means to an end–That it all can and will be fixed.

We mapped out options such as utilizing expanders, but in the end, after various scenarios were discussed, we both felt given my understandable fear of surgery and current potential for complications, having the mastectomies alone and making time before reconstruction was likely the best way to go.  He also stated he didn’t have any problem with having my complex hernia repair done at the same time as the revision surgery (2nd stage of recon).  That made me feel better too, as that means one less surgery and he can make everything cosmetically more aesthetically pleasing.  All in all, the consultation went really well and made me feel better about moving forward with my chosen course.

I then made it back to Austin for my pre-surgical testing.  Later I attended my firm’s holiday dinner.  It was at Eddie V’s.  Everything was delish and we all had a good time.

One thought on “December 5th

  1. That sounds very, very encouraging. I am so impressed with your intelligent research and thoughtful decision making process. Keep your chin up. You are getting closer to the finish line! I am bringing presents and goodies and a recliner and I promise not to make you laugh too much for your own good. I will tiptoe around and run to your side when you need the slightest thing. You can ring your little bell and say pompous things like: fetch me some cool, filtered water, no ice, with a pink bendy straw and make it fast! Or: I want some orange jello and I want it now! Go crazy. It’s your week to be queen! : ) And you are right – one procedure at a time. You can think about the next step later.

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