Off with the wig, Baby!

Okay, so this morning I decided it was time to go rogue at work, so off with the wig!!!  Finally!!!  They are so hot and itchy!  My hair is still super, super short but at least covering my head enough, I think.  I’ve gotten rave reviews from my co-workers, so that’s good!  Here are a few wigless selfies I took today at work.  Wig be damned!  Yay!

20140205_11070120140205_114856 20140205_11511720140205_113038

Damn old fart – WHAT?

So my hair is coming back.  Yay!  Only thing is it appears to be coming in gray with white hairs here and there.  Yikes!  I’m not old yet–Way too young for gray and white hairs!!!  Ugh! :-(  I guess at least it is coming back in.  I’ve noticed my eye lashes and eye brows coming back too.  I had another follow up with my surgeon today and so far everything looks good and seems to be healing fine.  That’s all good news!

The Red Head

I’ve always been curious if I could pull off being a red head.  What better timing than the present!  I’ve been getting A LOT of compliments on it.  It may just be the cut as well.  See below pics.

20130722_112310  20130722_110041  20130722_111809  20130722_104514  20130722_112445  20130722_104305  20130722_110807  20130722_111652 


A new do!

So frustrated this morning.  Couldn’t find my car keys so I dumped the entire contents of my purse onto my front porch.  Truth is sometimes change is harder than we think.   I just wasn’t ready to face the world with my new do.   However, this morning I’ve had glowing reviews at work.  Let me know what you think.  See below pics.   I have to admit these just might be some of the best pics I’ve taken in a long time.   Decided to upload some of them to my Facebook profile.  Wonder if anyone will be able to tell it’s not my natural hair?  Looks pretty good, don’t you think?

20130715_114825   20130715_113632   20130715_114149

My first post!

Well, so this is my first post.  Guess I should give a little background.  I have a brca1 gene mutation and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Caught early, stage 1a, no lymph node involvement.  However, it’s triple-negative, so I still have to go through chemo.  Preparing for bimx/recon before year-end 2013.  So much more backstory, but this will do for now.

Finished my 2nd round of chemo Thursday.  Feeling pretty crummy today.  Yesterday my hair started coming out in clumps and was all matted.  I had planned on buzzing it before it got to that point, but my hair stylist (who I’ve been going to for well over ten years) is a super busy woman and has been totally booked.  I just couldn’t take it so I crashed in on her busy day.  My friend, Mary, met me there.  My hair stylist, Muffie, fit me in, had someone buy me a huge bouquet of balloons and after I downed two glasses of wine, she buzzed my head to the Rocky theme song.


Wouldn’t look half bad if not for bald patches everywhere, but it’ll grow back.  Will have to have fun with my sexy wigs, scarves and hats for now!