Goodbye, Chemo, Goodbye

My last chemo treatment happened on Thursday.  Yay!!!  Truthfully, I was a little apprehensive.  I know that sounds weird, but no more systemic treatment is a little scary.  So happy to be done with Taxol though!

My close friend, Beth, came up from Houston bearing lovely gifts!  Another friend, Julie, also came to hang out with me at treatment, and my father was there too.  Unfortunately, you can’t make it too big a party as you may disturb others who are there for treatment.  We had a great time though, talking, laughing and taking pictures.  I rung the bell at the end to say, “yes, I’m done with chemo!” :-)

I had a special cake made for my infusion nurses and the rest of the staff.  See pics below.

20131114_144145cake  DSC05982

DSC05976  DSC05977-300x200new

When Only a peach margarita will do

So, I’m hanging out at my new favorite TexMex spot, Los Pinas off Bee Cave Rd.  Food isn’t totally amazing but it is good!  The service is amazing though!  Their peach margaritas and sopapillas absolutely rock!  Feeling like a splurge.

I had to pick up a new Opi nail polish, Lincoln Park After Dark.  I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it after my recent mani/pedi.  I’m a girl who can’t have too many different colors of polish!  Bought two other shades as well.  At least my nails can look fabulous this fall, that is if they don’t fall off from the Taxol treatment.  It does happen to some woman, which my MedOnc confirmed, and they have been hurting since after my last treatment.  Lovely, right?. ;-)

Tricky Taxol

Just finished 2nd round of Taxol today.  Weird thing is, this time it gave me severe chills instead of hot flashes.  They had to give me two warmed blankets and a heating pad.  Again, I was there all afternoon.  This treatment takes a long time to be administered. Nurse Marilyn even stopped it for a bit to allow me time to recover from the severity of the chills, but as soon as she said I’d never finish before 5:00p, I decided it’d be best to try and tough it out.  I sunk into the chair and buried myself in the blankets and heating pad.  After I had dozed off for a while, the chills subsided and I had no more use for the blankets and pad.

I gotta say those warm blankets are sweet to have draped over you when you’re freezing.  My pops came and sat with me.  He too dozed off in the chair beside me.

I stopped off for a mojito (or two) and chicken nachos at The Iguana Grill on my way home.  Not part of my diet plan, but sometimes you have to indulge your “screw it” attitude.

Oh, the hot flashes!

I started Taxol today. Been here forever and still no sign yet of the finish line.  Walked into TxOnc at 9:30a.  I did have labs and a dr. visit, plus more problems accessing my port.  Well, they couldn’t get a good blood return.  Started treatment around 11:15 or 11:30.  It’s now almost 4:30p and I’m one of the only patients left here.  My father is here too.  He’s been here with me since around lunchtime.

I’m having severe hot flashes, so they’ve had to turn down the speed of the dosage several times.  Got to the point where Nurse Suzie had to steal a fan from a co-worker to make me more comfortable.  I hope it’s not always like this.