A tortoise in a world of rabbits

Busy little bunnies running around everywhere.  Where are they all going in such a hurry?

Slow down and enjoy life.  No, run faster not to miss anything!

Life is so disjointed.  Must work on balance.  Balance is something I lack.  Either a speed freak or a stoned hippie, but nothing in between.  Just metaphors by the way!

Life lacks luster.  Shouldn’t it be the opposite?  Cancer and all, shouldn’t it change your perceptions and make you more aware instead of having a desire to become more numb?

Not sure how to get out of this hole.  I guess it’s true, things must be torn down before they can be built up again.  That’s where I think I’m at, the tear-down stage.  I must first conquer the storm before the sun will come out, right?  And just maybe there’s even a rainbow in my future.  I’d like to believe that.

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