In Retreat

I have decided to be in retreat of the next month or two (up to the new year, I think).  I have circled back to old habits and behaviors that are no longer me.  I need transformative experiences that will nurture my physical and spiritual being for a considerable length of time.  I will contribute to my blog whenever possible but will be limiting my contact with friends and family.  I hope everyone understands. :-)  Namaste.

3 thoughts on “In Retreat

  1. Are you going somewhere or just looking for some solace? I hope you find peace and strength. Call, text, or message me anytime. I think of you a lot!

    • No, can’t afford to go anywhere. Friend at work suggested diy retreat. See “Where is Tony Robbins” post. Wish I could afford Bali! Bummer!!! :-( Don’t worry, I’ll stay in touch with you and Beth. Just trying to clear my head, break old and tired bad habits and find a better way of living where good things hopefully happen. Wish me luck with this. :-)

  2. Wishing you luck in all things, darling you! I need a DIY retreat, myself. And as autocorrect would have it, what I really need is a DUI retreat. Lol!!!

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