Super Soul Sundays

Who doesn’t love Oprah?  Love and Fear.  Gary Zukav and The Seat of The Soul.

Your intentions create your reality.  Therefore, be mindful of your intentions in life.

What am I afraid of?  What is this fear that’s holding me back?


Get back into the flow.  Surrender to the power that is greater than yourself.  Stop resisting!

Whenever you feel yourself saying, “yes, but,” stop what you’re doing, FEEL IT and instead say, “now what?”  Flow through instead of resisting!  I think I’ve already got the “now what?” thing down.  I feel like I’m already always asking this, but sure I’m doing the “yes, but” thing too.

Accept your own life.

Ah-ha moments = now take it in and ACT!  It doesn’t work unless you take ACTION!

Only by surrending to what is, then can you change what is.

Resistance is really futal!  TAKE IN AND ACT!  ACTION NOW and with every ah-ha moment!

Ex. Diana Nyad (marathon swimmer – swam to Cuba):


It’s not what you want to do, but who you want to be.

There’s only right now.

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