Messages from Robin Roberts-Oprah’s Master Class

I was so grateful to have watched this show last night.  Highlighted quotes I’d like to remember from Robin Roberts:

1st Lesson:  You may not be the prettiest, brightest, most put together, but if you keep positioning yourself good things will come.

“Be flexible with your goals.” 

 “Dream big, but focus small.” 

 “Stay in the game.  Be patient but persistent.” 

 “Be grateful but never content.” 

 “You have to fight the battle in front of you.”  – I know this all too well.

 “Optimism is a like a muscle that gets stronger with use.”

 “Make your mess your message.” 

 “Reach beyond your dreams.” 

 Favorite saying – “THIS TOO SHALL PASS.” 

 “Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely.  Just be silent and listen.  This has served me very well.”

 “God answers prays 3 ways: ‘yes,’ ‘not yet’ and ‘I have something better in mind.’  It takes courage to believe the best is yet to come.” 

 About going through adversity: “Don’t try to help yourself or have someone help you out of the cocoon.  It’s there to make us stronger, keep beating those wings until you are ready to fly.” 

 The last one is my favorite as it resonates with what I’ve stated in several posts–This is my time in the cocoon.  A time for me to be made stronger and be transformed.

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