Down 15 lbs–this is progress

I still have a long way to go, but this is progress.  Down another 4 lbs in a week (5 lbs actually since I gained one lb at last week’s weigh-in)–down 15 lbs altogether so far.  However, I’ve forgotten my gym clothes today, which I’m really unhappy about!  The gym has now become routine for me, and as soon as I get a little off track, it breaks the endurance level I’ve been building up.  I’ll have to regain a bit of that back. 

I’ve become quite accustomed to my food plan and notice if I eat something outside of it (specifically something bad), even though it may taste somewhat good in the moment (surprisingly not as good as I previously thought), I really feel physically awful afterward.  My body screams, “no way!”  And I have to say my cravings for breads, pasta, sugary and other bad foods have started to dissipate, almost completely.  Every single week, there is some sort of brunch or treat at my office, like breakfast tacos, bagels, kolaches or some sort of desert food.  I couldn’t resist these foods before getting on this plan, but now I’m not even bothered by seeing them in the kitchen or break room.  Happily, my work has gotten significantly better at bringing in weekly, organic fruits and low calorie snacks.  The person who orders has since started buying organic, plain, Greek yogurt on my behalf because it’s on my food plan, which is pretty cool!

I can’t say I’ll ever be cured of my addiction to food.  Is anyone ever really cured of an addiction?  However, I do feel more in control of it than I’ve ever experienced before.  I’ve also recently been reading Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself: 40 Ways to Transform Your Inner Critic and Your Life, by Lori Deschene (founder of, Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives).   The way she felt about herself and her life is so similar to what I have struggled with.  She had a different eating disorder than I, but the causes and beliefs are all the same.  Disorders all stem from the same place, they just manifest differently for everyone.  This book is very insightful and I believe it’s helping me on my path of transformation.

One thought on “Down 15 lbs–this is progress

  1. Way to go girl!!!! I thought when I saw you the other day you looked like you had lost some weight!! Lets go out and celebrate with a health dinner!

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