To Live or Not To Live – Commitment Day!

Enough already!  Today’s the day I decide to pull my head out of my ass and either finally start living or continue down a road of misery and destruction.  To live or not to live?  I honestly have been stuck in limbo over this very simple question for quite some time.  To live means making serious changes – no-holds-barred – BECOMING TOTALLY FEARLESS, eliminating all of my addictions (which have kept me numb), and facing IT ALL head on! 

So okay, I’ve decided I commit to life!  TODAY marks my start date of FULL COMMITMENT – NO turning back, NO backing down – JUST DO IT no matter what!!!

My first commitment is to my health and defined here for everyone to see.  Starting today, I FULLY COMMIT TO:

  1. my high-protein/low carb diet for a full 6 months.  Plan consists of:
  • 64oz water daily;
  • daily vitamin and enzyme supplements (to account for lack of fruit);
  • 4-5 small meals daily consisting of a daily allowance of 8oz lean protein (not including protein shake/snack supplements-limit of 1-2 daily), 4 cups of vegetables (lettuce, celery and cucumbers are free foods and can be eaten whenever).  Reduced salt intake. 2 oz olive oil or grape seed extract oil.
  • Eating first meal within 30 mins of waking and no eating after 7:00pm.
  • This particular diet means ABSOLUTELY NO:  pasta, rice, all potatoes, legumes, breads or cereals; sweet peas or corn; root vegetables of any kind (including beets, carrots, etc.); all fruits or fruit juices; commercial vegetable juices, sodas, teas, enhanced water; cheese and other dairy (except 1 oz for coffee or tea only), nuts, candy, chocolate–sweets of any kind; and alcohol.
  • one “unrestricted” meal allowed on Treatment days, other than that NO CHEATING!

2.    my fitness program for 1-2 hours every day – yoga, cardio and strength training.


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