The Odd Couple

So, the pain is still fairly prominent.  Since I’ve gone back to work, I’ve resorted to popping Tylenol and Aleve.  The prescribed pain medication makes me way too sleepy.  It’s not just the pain.  It’s the totally bizarre feeling of having to get used to a hallowed, morphed chest when you’ve been used to having boobs.  Not just boobs, but D cups.  The prosthesis doesn’t really mask the oddity of this feeling either.  And it seems just as bizarre to have pain and numbness at the same time.  Since my surgeon left the breast skin envelope, it’s all adhering to the chest wall, only there’s so much that it’s bunching up in places.  She did state this would happen.  It’s most annoying at the sides where my arms brush against it.  She stated that if needed, she could go back and take off more of the breast skin that was left, but leaving it this way for now will likely give me better recon results, so as long as I keep in mind this isn’t permanent, but very temporary, I’m okay.

The good news is I found my wallet.  It was on my kitchen table in a bag of firestarters. :-)

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