Off to Slow Start, but Back to the Grind

Well, I’m still very much in the process of healing.  Today was my first day back at work and now it’s the end of the day and, man, I am so, so sore.  OUCH!  All I want to do is go home, take a hot shower, maybe build a nice fire and climb into the blankets sprawled across my living room sofa.

What can I say about being back at work–?  Apparently, I think it’s been pretty quiet.  Most everyone has been gone or traveling on business.  Everyone seems to be happy to have me back, although I should have tried for the rest of this week off and came back on Monday.  Oh well! :-(

I’ve been hesitant on starting a rigorous meditation/cleanse/yoga/fitness program just yet, at least not until I’m more healed from surgery.  However, today at lunch I decided to get my healthy eating plan started so I ventured to Trader Joe’s.  I spent my entire lunch hour filling my basket with yummy, organic produce, fresh fish and lean chicken.  I was so stoked on stocking my fridge tonight with all this fresh produce.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  As soon as I got to the register, I realized my wallet was missing from my purse.  No cash, lone credit card or check book in sight.  I was completely without monetary means to buy all the yumminess I’d just spent an hour loading into my cart.  Crap!  I hate it when that happens.  What a letdown!  I just hope my wallet is, like, sitting on my kitchen table or something.  Yikes!

Speaking of fitness programs though, my oncologist’s office has referred me to physical therapy to get more rehabilitated before I begin a more rigorous fitness program.  I’m sure that’s best.  After the year I’ve had, I’d like to ease into the best healthy living and fitness for me.  I think that’s the best approach if I want this all to become full-on changes for the rest of life.  Going at something full-force sometimes leads to failed results and I’m not in a place to be pressuring myself.  I need to take it smooth and easy, at least to start.  I realize I need to start setting small goals, but I’m not about to pressure myself with 3-mth, 6-mth, 1 year deadlines, at least not just yet.  I realize 2014 is all about transition for me.  That’s what I need to pray most about.  Let there be transformation, God!!!!  Tons of transformation!!!!  So much so, that no one will recognize me.  So much so, that I won’t even recognize me!!!!

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