Four lbs down

I’m doing fairly well so far on my meal and exercise plan.  Not perfect as I have had small cheats here and there–a small piece of chocolate or two crackers.  I’m not drinking enough water but trying to be better every day at that.  And I’ve slacked off on the exercise a bit in only doing 30 mins some days instead of the expected 40 mins.  Still, I’m exercising every day and aside from Administrative Professional’s Day lunch at Carmelo’s last Wednesday, I haven’t eaten out in a week and a half and I’ve been sticking to the most wholesome foods.  I’m eating about every two hours and certainly feel the difference–my diet includes things like egg whites, small bananas and oranges, pears, low-fat string cheese, all organic, Greek yogurt with a small amount of local honey, turkey, wild rice and carrots or spinach–every day, certain foods, in specific amounts and at certain times.  My stomach starts growling if I haven’t eaten within a couple hours.  So far I’ve dropped 4-5 lbs.  Even though I’m not being perfect, I think I’m doing pretty well.