Where Is Tony Robbins When You Need Him?

firewalker    I think I need one of Tony Robbins’ fire-walking seminars–Something powerful like that to push me through the fear of my soon, fated surgeries.

Various people have been pushing me to continue writing my book.  Although, honestly, I’ve been feeling somewhat uninspired as very few currently even read my blog.

Bali    A good friend at work told me today that Mastin Kipp, author of The Daily Love blog, is hosting a Writer’s Mastermind Retreat in Bali (http://bali.thedailylove.com/).  Wow, it sounds so amazing!  A whole month of mediation, relaxation and writing in Bali!  Ah, can’t you just feel the warm, ocean breeze?  Bali is a place I’ve always wanted to visit.  Plus, they push you to finish your book, at least the first draft, in 28 days.  If I could only win the lottery, well, if I played it that is.

That’s exactly what I need, a retreat to focus solely on myself, both my inner and outer workings.  The same friend also mentioned a woman who made it her mission for 30 days to, aside from work, devote herself to her own spiritual retreat.  So, whatever time she had outside of work, she spent creating her own DIY retreat.  I guess I’ll have to start there as my budget for a month-long Bali retreat is entirely non-existent at the moment.