Notes from the Infusion Room

So I’m back at TxOnc again today.  My seventh Taxol treatment.  It’s been making my joints ache for a couple weeks now.  I’ve been sitting, getting up and walking around like an old fart, totally creakin’.

Me, myself and I are here today.  I gabbed with my friend, Leigh Ann, for a bit and with my close friend, Beth, over the phone.  Always nice to have a bit of laughter!

Took a nice nappy nappy.  Now just hangin’ out waiting to finish treatment.  There are lots of couples and the laughter of families all around.  At these times, it makes it hard. There is some crap, reality, wedding show on TV.  Seems like it’s been playing for hours.  Truthfully, it all makes me want to cry.  These are the times when it really sucks!