My first post!

Well, so this is my first post.  Guess I should give a little background.  I have a brca1 gene mutation and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Caught early, stage 1a, no lymph node involvement.  However, it’s triple-negative, so I still have to go through chemo.  Preparing for bimx/recon before year-end 2013.  So much more backstory, but this will do for now.

Finished my 2nd round of chemo Thursday.  Feeling pretty crummy today.  Yesterday my hair started coming out in clumps and was all matted.  I had planned on buzzing it before it got to that point, but my hair stylist (who I’ve been going to for well over ten years) is a super busy woman and has been totally booked.  I just couldn’t take it so I crashed in on her busy day.  My friend, Mary, met me there.  My hair stylist, Muffie, fit me in, had someone buy me a huge bouquet of balloons and after I downed two glasses of wine, she buzzed my head to the Rocky theme song.


Wouldn’t look half bad if not for bald patches everywhere, but it’ll grow back.  Will have to have fun with my sexy wigs, scarves and hats for now!