An End to 2013 and My Crap Year of Cancer!

Yay!  As the year of 2013 comes into its final hours, I sit in my cozy living room next to a roaring fire and drink pink champagne and enjoy the chocolate truffles my friend, Charlotte, made.  A very nice and relaxing celebration to the end of a bad year.  One full of a cancer diagnosis, TONS of doctor appts, a lumpectomy, five grueling months of chemo, a very serious blood clot, three months of blood thinners, and the cherry on top, a double mastectomy.

Yesterday I had a second follow up with my breast surgeon.  I stated I was still having some pain.  She stated it was most likely due to the drains.  She removed the drain tube from my right side but left the drain tube on my left side because it’s still draining a good amount of fluid.  I go back in one week to hopefully have the other taken out.  No infection or anything though.  Good news!

I also had an afternoon appt with my oncologist yesterday.  She was practically doing the jig in the exam room, saying, “yea, aren’t you happy, no more cancer!”  She said she was so happy for me and asked what my plans were now.  I told her I now have to get ready for reconstruction.  She said she was going to refer me to the Star program for rehabilitation to get me on a good fitness program.  She stated she wants to see me more than normal to track my progress in order to get me to my goal.

I was invited to a couple of parties tonight, and down to the lake in my little, lake community to watch fireworks, and even though I have been spending so much time snuggled on my sofa recuperating, I’m quite enjoying this quiet, cozy, pink champagne and chocolate filled end to a dismal year.  I just finished watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  What a classic!

I look forward to 2014 with an excited hope that I don’t think I’ve had previously.  Today was a beautiful, winter day in the Texas hill country.  I stepped outside feeling refreshed.  The day was sunny and crisp and I felt my prospective on everything around me has shifted slightly.  Maybe even much more than slightly.  I pray this next year brings amazing joy, incredible adventure, vibrant health, positive changes and happy gifts of love and life beyond my wildest dreams!  I hope for simplicity, abundant happiness, romance and incredible wealth in all aspects of my life, and for those I love in my life!

One final thought, remember to eat your black-eyed peas tomorrow! ;-)